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Sketch Dump. by AskMajorasGhost Sketch Dump. :iconaskmajorasghost:AskMajorasGhost 1 0 Just Waitin For Some Asks. by AskMajorasGhost Just Waitin For Some Asks. :iconaskmajorasghost:AskMajorasGhost 0 3 Im Back by AskMajorasGhost Im Back :iconaskmajorasghost:AskMajorasGhost 0 1
Sniper x His Wife
It was relaxing to be back in his home country. Sure, he missed the constant thrill of danger that being the Sniper brings, but for now he's content with being Mick Mundy, if only for a few weeks. And one of the requirements of being Mick Mundy is to take care of his wife.
"C'mere miss, dinner time."
He hasn't thought of a name for her yet, he's gone for so long and he doesn't even think about it. Naturally he hasn't told anyone about her yet, if someone knew he'd been married to a kangaroo for 9 years...
Pellets clanged around as they fell into the food bowl, and Snipers wife hopped up to eat. Why did his parents think this was a good idea? Just because he isn't as "Aussie" as everyone else, because he can't find a wife, because he needs to "fit in." Sniper was certain that it was somehow racist against Australians to see that as fitting in. They expected grandchildren as well, how the hell do you impregnate a kangaroo?
A voice inside his head told him practice was the key. A professi
:iconaskmajorasghost:AskMajorasGhost 1 0
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I still can't believe Homestuck is over


playin around in mspaint while waiting for gimp to download


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hey man BEN DROWNED is an asshole so if i offend you then whateves man

(( rly tho im actually a kind & sweet person who is very understanding so plz dont yell at me for bein a douche if u dont like it just say so and i'll adjust how i treat you within reason cause stayin in character is rly important to me ok just view it as a comedy show and how ppl are dicks to each other in those cause that's basically what this is ))

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Current Events/News


:bulletgreen: Current Projects:

Canceled until further notice.


Some Rules:

I do roleplay! If you want to roleplay, please let me know in your first comment because I'm really dense and will get confused otherwise. //sweatdrop (( Unless you are another ask/RP blog then obviously if you talk to BEN with your character then I know it's RP so//// And I would be so honored if another ask or RP blog talked to me! So far the only one to talk to me is a complete loser who I'm completely dependent on because he's an irl friend//// ))

Also, I don't only just roleplay as BEN! I can roleplay as whoever you want me to be, within reason. I have to know who I'm roleplaying first! With the asks, I answer as BEN only unless that days theme gives exceptions. Such as Magic Monday or Free-For-All Friday.

I don't mind a bit of shipping going on, but my drawing skills are limited when it comes to couples so don't expect too much fan-service (sorry!).

If you have any questions directed towards me and not Ben, then please address me. As I said, I'm really dense and sorta stupid so I won't understand otherwise. uwu


This Weeks Themes:


Monday- Magical Monday (turn ben into whatever you want, in any situation you want. neko ben? a ben suddenly in the wilderness? female robot mother ben playing sims 3 as she drowns her children? whatever yo its all cool)




Friday- Free-For-All Friday (free from any theme- go wild!)

Saturday- Shipping Saturday (any relationship, any character )

These may vary in each month! They most likely won't stay the same for long, except for Friday. Friday will always be a free-for-all. And you don't have to stick to the theme, it's just a fun thing that I would prefer for you all to do! It will help you come up with ideas, right?



:iconaskthekidneykingej: - Bros 4 Lyfe

If you want to be a part of my relationships, just ask!


BEN on Tumblr:

jeffxpoopsy stamp by poopsy666

Fem Pyro PageDoll FTU by AskTheKidneyKingEJ
:Ben Drowned: Pixel art page doll by PrinceOfRedroses
:Link: Minish Cap pixel by PrinceOfRedroses
:Link: Spirit Tracks pixel doll by PrinceOfRedroses


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TheCartoonLife Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy birthday dude! I still haven't actually talked to you and this place is desolate but you're a cool dude in my eyes
AskMajorasGhost Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! I wish it weren't so desolate, but I'm aiming to fix that! I've saved up enough for a new drawing tablet so hopefully I'll get back to answering questions and talking to cool dudes like you. B)
Penny6 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2015   Traditional Artist
Thanks for the :+fav:
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Thank you for favouriting my artwork ^_^
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Mine tho
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Happy Birthday! I don't even know if it's your actual birthday but we should chill sometime 
AskMajorasGhost Featured By Owner May 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
hey man thanks and yeah we should i dont log on that much though i always feel so guilty because i can't update w/ my broken tablet
TheCartoonLife Featured By Owner May 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's cool! Just note me or something and I can start up my lonely streams *laughs and sobs*
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